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Who was Joshua Perry?


What we know



Joshua Perry was born December 6, 1805, in Warren County, Georgia, died March 29, 1863, in Calhoun County, Georgia. On October 2, 1832, he married Louvicia Ann Wade. Louvicia Ann (variously spelled Luvisa, Louvisa, or Luvica, and Anne or Anna) was born September 26, 1806 in Screven County, Georgia, and died Oct. 9, 1884, in Camilla, Mitchell County, Georgia. They had at least six children:
Julia M A Perry (1833 1863)
John J Perry (1837 1864)
William Preston Perry (1839 1908)
Benjamin Wade Perry (1843 1843)
Theodore (or Thadeous) J Perry (1845 1902)
Francis (Frank) Marion Perry (1847 1905)


What is our evidence?

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We have marriage indexes showing that the two were wed, their names, their birth years and/or the county and state in which they were married. This means we should be able to get the marriage record itself, though I have not yet been able to locate it.
Georgia Marriages to 1850, Dodd, Jordan [database on-line]
Georgia Marriages, 1699-1944, Hunting For Bears, comp. [database on-line]
U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900, Yates Publishing [database on-line]

We have federal census records for 1840, 1850 and 1860, and the 1860 Slave Schedule. The 1840 census only shows the name of the head of household (Joshua), but it gives the ages and sex of all the inhabitants, which matches the know ages of the family. The 1850 and 1860 censuses list the names of all family members; by 1860, Julia was married to Joseph Green Collier, John J had married Harriet Pittman and Theodore was staying with them. There was a seven year old Sarah A E Collier living with Joshua and Louvicia, and since Julia and Joseph were married in 1851 it's probably their daughter. In 1860 Joshua owned six slaves (3 females, aged 36, 28 and 10; 3 males aged 15, 13 and 6)
Year: 1840; Census Place: District 34, Screven, Georgia; Roll 99; Page: 50; Image: 203; Family History Library Film: 0007047
Year: 1850; Census Place: Division 25, Early, Georgia; Roll M432_68; Page: 337B; Image: 226
Year: 1860; Census Place: District 4, Calhoun, Georgia; Roll M653_113; Page: 126; Image: 126; Family History Library Film: 803113
1860 Slave Schedules: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Eighth Census of the United States, 1860. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1860. M653, 1,438 rolls

We have both Joshua's and Louvicia's tombstones.


What we think we know



[Notes in a Perry family history sheet prepared by Dan Irwin; not sure of the date or his sources; presumed to have been typed up during last quarter of 20th century, roughly 1975-2000]
Joshua Perry (1805-1868) born Warren Co. Dec 6, 1805, died Calhoun Co. march 29, 1868. Buried at Edison, Ga. He had a throat infection causing death. He married L. Anne Wade from Screven Co., Ga. They lived in a home which stood where the present cemetery in Arlington, Ga. stands. He was well educated, a teacher, was business and legal advisor of neighbors, drawing wills, deeds, etc. I have a picture of him which was made in New York.
[I am trying to get a copy of this picture.]

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What we don't know



Who were Joshua's parents?



We have two candidates, based on family traditions.

The most common ancestry found on the website for many, many family trees runs like this:
Phillip Perry (1597/9-1661)
Phillip Perry (1645-1716/26)
Phillip Perry (1700-1751)
Jeremiah Perry (1731-1777)
Willis Perry (1756-1833)
Joshua Perry (1805-1863)

There is a second tradition for some of us that runs like this:
Edward Perry (1630-1694/5)
Samuel Perry (1664/5-1716)
Phillip Perry (1698-unknown)
Burrell (unknown-unknown)
John Perry (unknown-unknown)
Joshua Perry (1805-1863)

And there are other traditions that combine the two. The common factor to most is trying to link to the family tree of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. But the documented histor of that family doesn't support these links, I don't think.

What we need is proof. Finding someone with a bible, or will, letters or other documents which clearly link our Joshua to some set of parents. That would give us something to start with. Right now we can't even prove that he was in Warren County other than what is on his tombstone. Unfortunately, the census documents prior to 1850 do not list anyone by name other than the head of a household. And the 1820 census documents for Georgia (among others) are completely lost. And the 1810 census for Warren County is missing a few pages. So far I can't find a John Perry listed in Warren County. But Willis has a documented will, and Joshua isn't mentioned in it.

Hopefully, somebody out there has something that will help us on this. In the meantime, any pictures of Joshua and his family and his surroundings would be helpful and interesting to all, I am sure. I've got a few things promised to me and I will post them here as they are made available to me. Check the downloads page and this page periodicall for updates.


Circumstantial Evidence Favoring Willis Perry



According to the Revolutionary War Pension application affidavit of Willis Perry on 12 June 1833, filed in Muscogee County, Georgia, in his "Answer to Interrogatories":
Answer 1. I was born in Franklin County North Carolina in the year 1756 on the 31st July.
[Answer] 2. I have a record of my age in a Bible at my son's in De Kalb, and probably is also recorded in North Carolina on the Church Records.
[Answer] 3. I lived in Franklin County N.C. when I entered the service, and moved from thence to Warren, formerly Wilkes County, Georgia in 1786, and thence to Jackson County in 1816, or 1817. and finally to Muscogee County in 1827. [1826, then the 6 overwritten with a 7] where I now reside.

So Willis appears to have been in the right county at the right time. But I haven't seen any evidence of wills, deeds or other documents that prove a relationship. Does anyone know where this Bible Willis speaks of went?

There is a Willis Perry living in Jackson County, Georgia, in the 1820 US Census (1 male 10-15, 1 male 16-25, 1 female 16-25, 1 male 45+, no slaves). The three youngest children of Willis as given in the book History of Edwards-Perry and Allied Families by Carolyn Edwards Fleetwood & Joan Prevost Fortune (Thonotosassa, FL : C.E. Fleetwood, 1992) certainly would match that, and since Willis' wife Kiddy died in 1819 that also fits.

According to Fleetwood & Fortune (page 179ff), Willis is the eldest son of Jeremiah (wife is unknown). Jeremiah is one of the seven Perry brothers of North Carolina. Willis PERRY [b. 31 Jul 1756, Franklin County, North Carolina, USA; d. aft 1833, Muscogee County, Georgia, USA] m. (10 Jun 1779 in North Carolina ?) Kiddy BYRD [b. 22 Oct 1761, North Carolina, USA; d. 29 Nov 1819, Jackson County, Georgia, USA].

According to page 180, Joshua is the youngest of Willis' 12 children. The brief mention of Joshua Perry is on page 185 and the only source cited is "Mrs. Marie Green Meacham [sp? blurry copy] descends from Willis Perry through his son, Joshua".

Per Fleetwood & Fortune, Willis and Kiddy had twelve children:
  • Hiram (b. 1780, m. Nancy Flake)
  • Jeremiah (b. 1782, m. Elizabeth Walker)
  • Jesse (b. 1784)
  • Willis (b. 1787)
  • Polly (b. 1790, m. William Teddley)
  • Benjamin (twin, b. 1793, m. Mary Heath)
  • John (twin, b. 1793, m. Nancy Cloud)
  • Byrd (b. 1795, m. Rebecca Cloud)
  • Solomon Perry (1787-1821)
  • Francis Perry (b. 1800)
  • Isaiah Perry (b. 1802, m. Jane Chandler)
  • Joshua (b. 1806, m. Louvicia Ann Wade)

    Are you related to Joshua Perry (1805-1863) from Warren County, Georgia? Do you have documentation, family pictures or family stories you'd like to share? Please contact me. Also see the downloads page for more facts and conjecture!


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